Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Why Are People Sick?

Body Talk

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BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat symptoms; it treats the root cause of pain & illness

Why are people sick?
v  The body doesn’t have enough blood to nourish every tissue in the body with every heartbeat; it can only send blood to 25% of the body at one time
v  Therefore, the nervous system sets priorities based on perceived needs
v  Stress distorts the nervous systems’ ability to do this
v  Stress = injury, severe illness, emotional trauma, financial stress, overwork, poor nutrition, etc.
v  The body recognizes stress and treats it as an emergency
v  The nervous system responds to any emergency by activating the fight/flight mode
v  In fight/flight the heart rate and blood pressure increase (sends blood to places like the muscular system so the body can run if being chased), digestion shuts down, immune function is limited, muscles tighten, endocrine function is distorted
v  This is a healthy response, at first… The animal running from the lion is quite thankful for this response
v  Being chased by a hungry lion is much more stressful than what we face day to day so why do animals not suffer from ongoing depression, high blood pressure, chronic pain???
v  After being chased, animals “shrug it off and shake it out” and then start eating again
v  Humans continue to relive the stress everyday and ask “Why me?”
o   How did I get cancer?
o   Why is my boss so mean?
o   Why did I get into that accident?
o   Why is my wife cheating on me?
v  Or they relive it with in the mode of “There should be a law against_____!”
v  If we do not truly “shake it off”, our stress is never relaxed and the body stops healing itself leading to digestive disease, immune disease, high blood pressure, muscular tension, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, menstrual problems, degenerative disorders etc, etc.

How does BodyTalk work?
v  BodyTalk helps to bring the nervous system out of emergency mode
v  The natural healing process can then resume
v  BodyTalk uses light hand contact and very gentle tapping
v  Tapping on the head activates the surface electrical field of the body, to help the bodymind start work better as a unified team which in turn enhances the nervous system to do it’s job of communicating within the body
v  This can make the difference between dial-up Internet and high speed Internet for your body!
v  Surface electrical activity has been shown to have an effect on the internal physiology
v  BodyTalk is the first modality to use this research in a scientific way
v  In clinical application, BodyTalk has many techniques to restore a healthy nervous system balance
v  Tapping helps to get the nervous system talking to areas that were shut down
v  BodyTalk uses specific techniques to determine what parts of the body need what resources
v  When the body talks to itself, it can heal itself

After a BodyTalk session, clients continue to feel positive changes long after, while their bodies continue to heal themselves…

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