Monday, 16 February 2015

Two New Courses for Practitioners from John Veltheim!

John Veltheim is coming to Calgary this March and he is teaching two great courses. They are open to all sorts of BodyTalkers…you just need to have BodyTalk Fundamentals. Both of these courses will directly relate to improving your skills and translate into better sessions with better results. Plus it is such a fun way to connect. Come join us! 


How well do you lock-in to the client’s bodymind?

For a practitioner to energically and mentally lock-in to the blueprint of the bodymind we need to engage as many of the subtle senses as possible.The more subtle senses you can utilize, the more powerfully you are able to lock-in to the energy blueprint you are trying to shift. By far, the most common of the subtle senses used are the subtle senses of sight and touch.

So….How well do you lock-in to the client’s bodymind while you are doing a BodyTalk session?

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Practitioner Reflex: the ability to respond!

This video says it all! Click here.